Oluwatobi Amusan

Tobi Amusan is a Nigerian talented track and field athlete who specializes in the 100 meters hurdles. She is the first Nigerian athlete to win a gold medal in the women’s 100m hurdles event in run-time of 12.06 seconds. She was born on 23rd April 1997 in Ijebu ode, Osun State, and presently she is 25 years of age.

Amidst all the fame from sports it is also to be noted that Tobi Amusan has a paid partnership with Addidas.

World Champion

Full Name: Oluwatobi Ayomide Amusan

Date of Birth: 23rd, April 1997

Place of Birth: Ijebu ode, Osun state

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Weight: 57 kg

Club: Buka Tigers Athletics Club

Martial status: Single

Early life.

Tobi Amusan as she is popularly addressed was born in Ijebu Ode, a town in Osun state. Although, her family identity is still anonymous however it was indicated from a source that she was born to humble parents who are both civil servants.

Meanwhile, Tobi Amusan once said in an interview that her parents are teachers and strict disciplinarians. She explained how her father wasn’t in full support of her passion and always wants her to concentrate only on school and her studies but however, her mother gave her full support.

“My mum was in full support of my athletics career, but dad wanted me to focus on school. He restricted my time at the stadium, but I used to sneak to the track, thanks to mum telling dad I’d gone to church!” She said in an interview with

Tobi Amusan


Tobi Amusan attended our lady of Apostle secondary school, Ijebu Ode and after graduation, she started her early life as an athlete at the age of 15.

She received a sponsorship to attend the University of Texas at El Paso, where she became the second female track athlete which was named C-USA female Track of the year in 2016.

Journey as an athlete.

At the age of 15, Tobi Amusan won the 100m competition at her school’s inter-house competition in her hometown, this served as the beginning of her athlete career. After that, she was taken to a track coach and in competing against the coached athletes, she came first. Just like when others, she began her sport journey as a footballer and love running.

She has strict disciplinarians parent. For her father, reading and taking one’s studies crucial is a gateway success in life and not racing around the stadium in the name of training. Fortunately, for her, her mother was a bit supportive and welcome her passion for the sport. In as much as it does not hinder her academic performance.

Tobi Amusan won medals at local contests. She won a silver medal at the 2013 Africa Youth Championships in Warri and this brought her to national awareness.

In 2013, at World Athletics U18 Championships in Donetsk, Ukraine, for lane infringement, she was disqualified during the 200m semi-finals. However, her failure was still rewarded by then President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan and this gave her so much strength and resilience.

Tobi Amusan wins awards

“Back then I thought by competing in the track I’d get to meet the president all the time. I thought ‘if this is true, I’m going to take track seriously,’” Amusan said, thrilled.

In 2014, 100m hurdles were recommended to her after she was dismissed from competing in the 4×100m relay squad at the trials for the African Youth Games. She was victorious at the trials and she embarked to win silver at the African Youth Games only in her second hurdles race. Again, in 2015 she won gold at the African Games in Brazaville, Congo.

In 2016, on November 8th she tweeted, “Unknown now, but I will soon be unforgettable… I will persist till I succeed”.

In that year, she got a scholarship to the University of Texas and reached the semi-finals of the Rio Olympics at the age of 19. In 2018, She won gold at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast and became the African champion in Asaba, Delta State.

The explosion of Corona virus made her not to have too momentous 2020 athletic calendar and this led her to complain about her mental health.

On Monday 25th July, 2022 Tobi Amusan _ won a gold medal in the women’s 100m hurdles event in run-time of 12.06 seconds (wind-assisted), she became the first Nigerian record breaker of the 2022 World Athletics Championship in the 100 metres hurdles thereby setting a new record of 12.12 seconds in the semifinals and beating it to set a new record of 12.06 in the finals, after taking fourth place more than thrice and became the first Nigerian athlete to obtain the feat, this left her and the world in amazement.

2022 victory and World record setting.

Tobi Amusan constantly referred her upbringing as the basis that bestowed enormously to her becoming a disciplined athlete.

“There is little doubt the discipline my parents showed me helped shape who I am today on the track,” she once said.

“I don’t party, I don’t drink and when I am on the track, it is serious business. I know my next pay cheque is dependent on my next performance. That is what helps put food on the table.” She said.

Secrets behind Tobi’s Success Story. (Constant practice)

It is understood that success and progress doesn’t just pop up, it is the result of constant work, efforts, being relentless and determina

In preparation for her success story, Tobi Amusan pinned a tweet of hers in 2016 of how the world would know her name, and soonest listen to her success story. This is the reality of her dream.

World Champion; Tobi Amusan.

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